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Roseira Filmes is a production group for cinema and television.

Has produced two feature, three mediums and one short film, in partnership with producers such as Acere FC and Lacuna Filmes. “Two Irenes” (2017), premiered at the Berlinale and won four Kikitos at the Gramado Festival, including Best Film by Jury and Best Screenplay. The film was distributed by Vitrine Filmes in Brazil and sold to countries such as Sweden, Poland, Mexico, Uruguay and China.


The medium-length films were shown on channels such as ESPN, TV5, TV Brasil and Rede Record and awarded at documentary festivals such as É Tudo Verdade.


The “Tia Virgínia” project received support for Development through the Ibermedia Program. Currently, the feature film "Mambembe" is being finalized, shot in Pernambuco and on the island of Marajó.

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