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(2015) - Direction: Fabio Meira

Directed by

Fabio Meira


Written by

Fabio Meira and Luiza Goulart


Researcher: Luiza Goulart

Produced by

Fabio Meira and Diana Almeida


Associate Producer: Daniel Ribeiro


Executive Production: Diana Almeida


Production Director: Diana Almeida and Samantha Abel


Director of Photography: Daniela Cajias, Roman Lechapelier and Marcelo Paternoster


Editing: Willem Dias


Sound Design: Rubens Valdes

Synopsis: “The Discreet Charm of a Champion” portrays one of the quietest athletes in Brazilian sport. Record holder in participations in Olympics, five in total, the lifter Fofão, about to complete 30 years of career, brings with it a trajectory of patience. He waited more than a decade on the bench to become the biggest winner in Brazilian volleyball. Through it, it is possible to portray 30 years of the sport in the country and characteristics inherent to great athletes: humility and perseverance.

Coproduction Roseira Filmes and Lacuna Filmes

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